At present time Electronic Arts is rather cautious to unveil any specific info, but given the company’s history as a money grabbing machine, don’t act all surprised if the online realm would open its arms for a(nother) Sims frenzy.

Nancy Smith, head of the Sims Division at EA, has been talking to Times Online and she said as follows:

“Ms Smith said that an online element "could be of interest" to the game’s fan base, and that the game’s producer would "definitely think about it," although it wasn’t what the company had on the market at the moment. "We’re constantly exploring new kinds of content and experiences," she said.”

Truth be told, the Sims tried to establish a solid foothold online some years ago, but the result was a total failure. Besides some very bored people looking for ways to annoy the small Sims community, the project failed to raise much interest and EA already announced plans to put it to death on August 1.