A recent announcement posted on the 2K Games forum states:

2K increased the maximum computers you can install the game simultaneously on from 2 to 5. We are also preparing a new “revoke application” that will allow you to de-authorize computers so that you may move the game to another computer without "using up" one of these activations. This increase in the limit will cover most users’ issues, and the revoke application should alleviate remaining concerns. Of course, if you still experience any issues, please feel free to contact support.

2K increased the maximum installs on the same computer from 3 to 5, before you need to seek customer support. The revoke application we will release will make this irrelevant – as long as you revoke before you install again, you will have no issues.”

However, there are a couple of things that most certainly give 2K a black eye. First of all, 2K forgets to mention the reason why the inclusion of SecuROM wasn’t made public before the game was published and also, why such a notice wasn’t present on the game’s package.

Second, such a restrictive policy is unlikely to protect the game from pirate in a much higher degree, but it will certainly protect it from consumers who got tired of being treated like pirates.