The jobs will require successful candidates to provide the Agency with advice, guidance and strategy in setting new targets for its quality of service, including financial performance. Furthermore, the experts will map how current resources will match the targets.

UK Space Agency manages an annual 330 million British Pounds, and is accountable to the Minister for Universities, Science and Cities. Space exploration for the benefit of the UK is Agency’s core goal. To achieve it, the Agency collaborates with industry, government ministers, and academia. As a result, the long-term Agency’s goal is to expand UK space sector to 40 billioin British Pounds by 2030.

With their applications arriving no later than September 15, the candidates will have to prove they can not only lead, but also show a strategic direction to other board members at a senior level. Equally important, candidates will make sound decisions involving a wide range of policies and highly-sensitive management issues, and participate in complex conversations with poise, confidence, and diplomatic flair. Second to none communication and inter-personal skills matching a strong intellect are expected as default.