The plan was made public by Ryoji Chubachi, President and electronics CEO at Sony, during a press conference in Taipei, DigiTimes reports.

According to Chubachi, Sony intends to expand its Blu-ray-based empire by adding new products to its line. Up till now, the company’s main Blu-ray promoter was the PlayStation 3 console, followed by Sony’s players and recorders.

However, that’s about to change, as the Blu-ray maker aims to add other IT devices to its army. No specific products were named, but given the fact that the Vaio machines already come equipped with Blu-ray, one might guess at least one direction of the marketing plan.

At present time, Sony’s slice of the Blu-ray market pie is at 20%. The extra 30% must be added by the end of the year. Can Sony pull this through at today’s prices or is the company planning to come up with a line of cheaper products?