Up till now, the Apple phone lured mostly young early adopters (under 30), with 75% of them being already Apple customers, states a recent study from Rubicon Consulting:

"The challenge for Apple is moving iPhone demand beyond early adopters and current Apple customers," said Michael Mace, a principal at Rubicon Consulting, which conducted the survey. "[…] to continue its momentum, Apple needs a strategy to attract people beyond its installed base, and fix problems like the compatibility limits in the iPhone browser. Mainstream users may not be as entranced by the iPhone’s many features as are early adopters."

The study also shows that email is the most used data function on the iPhone, with 70% of users checking their mail box(es) at least once a day. However, the activity is restricted to reading emails, not writing them

Also in the web department, around 60% of the respondents browse the web on the iPhone daily. Related, 40% of the respondents complain that the phone can’t display all the websites they want to visit, while other say the device would do better with a bigger screen or a thumb keyboard.

Still, the iPhone is good business news: about 50% of iPhone users replaced conventional mobile phones, while 40% replaced other smartphones with Apple’s device. Also, around 50% of the iPhone users in the US witched carriers to AT&T because of the phone.