The service stands out with its interaction paradigm, design choices and quality of experts. A list of questions many people find interesting are readily available. Click the question, provide additional details if necessary, pay for getting the answer, and a highly pertinent answer, filled with details and clarification will be emailed to you from a medical specialist.

Not only visitors can access the service on any device including standard screens and mobile devices, but they receive answers in less than 24 hours from highly qualified medical and nutritional experts.

With medical specialists covering a wide range of topics and specialities, visitors can either ask the specialist they prefer or send the question so the available expert will pick the question and answer it promptly. When visitors ask themselves why should they pay when „the information is out there, on the web”, the choice is clear when they consider the quality and promptness of the answer. On forums for example, while they serve a great purpose, visitors don’t know if and when an answer will arrive. And when it does show, it is never clear how qualified is the person providing the answer. At visitors are certain the answers will arrive in less than a day and are provided by skilled and experienced medical specialists.

The pay-for-answer model works well for visitors and medical specialists alike. Many visitors prefer to avoid the hassle of visiting their doctor only to ask a question for which they want a general, non-specific answer. The medical specialists, on the other hand, have a great opportunity to share their knowledge while getting compensated for their investment in time and accurate answers.

Dedicated to serving its audience, the service provides articles and news on medical and nutrition, emphasizing healthy living and preventing diseases. Visit and experience the service and its features.