Google’s browser has been dubbed Chrome and is expected to become available in more than 100 countries. According to the search giant, Chrome has been designed from scratch to smoothly run applications, not just display text and pictures.

As expected, the company also stressed out that its browser is faster and features the best security a browser can have:

“Because we spend so much time online, we began seriously thinking about what kind of browser could exist if we started from scratch and built on the best elements out there,” wrote Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management and Linus Upson, engineering director at Google in a blog post. “We realized that the web had evolved from mainly simple text pages to rich, interactive applications and that we needed to completely rethink the browser. What we really needed was not just a browser, but also a modern platform for web pages and applications, and that’s what we set out to build.”

As for the browser itself, users can expect to be like “the classic Google homepage […] clean and fast. It gets out of your way and gets you where you want to go.” However, things seize to be that simple once someone takes a look at what’s actually under the hood:

“We improved speed and responsiveness across the board. We also built a more powerful JavaScript engine, V8, to power the next generation of web applications that aren’t even possible in today’s browsers.”

Sounds good up till now, and Google usually does a solid job. Still, one question comes to mind: Firefox 3, Opera 9.52 and IE8 – doesn’t the browser market feel already crowded?