E3 2009 will take place June 2-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, ESA stated in a press release, promising that plans have been drawn for a much larger event.

While it doesn’t offer any details about the next E3, the organization vaguely promises "increased booth sizes" and "increased qualified audiences."However, there’s still no word about public attendance, the one thing that has been axed from the program a few years ago.

Rumor has it that the public will have its own event , scheduled for June 5-6, but has been confirmed at this time.

Don’t lose hope: the ESA must be very eager to please its participating company, especially after the cold shower it got in the media from EA and Ubisoft:

"I hate E3 like this. Either we need to go back to the old E3, or we’ll have to have our own private events," said Electronic Arts’ CEO John Riccitiello.

Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc added: "E3 this year is terrible. The world used to come to E3. Now it’s like a pipe-fitters show in the basement."