The bill enforced by the EU has not come soon enough with some customers receiving bills up to £27,000 for using mobile broadband abroad.  The cap can be increased or decreased by the consumer again backing the idea that relationship with the customer is key to success in the telecoms industry.  The new EU rules will also cut the costs of making and receiving calls around Europe, just in time for the holiday season and allow free access to voicemail.  The new EU rules were met with little resistance by the Telecoms committee who have been aware that such steps would be taken to protect the consumer sooner rather than later.

The executives who make the NGT EU committee met at Lake Geneva, Switzerland where Paul Excell the Chief Customer Innovation Officer, BT opened discusions. Paul is responsible for ensuring that Innovation and Technology business generates £1 billion over the next three years at BT, he offered his insight to representatives such as Bouygues Telecom – Yves Caseau, EVP Services & Innovation, Belgacom – Stijn Vander Plaetse, VP Innovation, Tiscali – Salvatore Pulvirenti, CIO and Vodafone – Paul Wybrow, Group Technical Director while speaking  out about the 7 c’s of communication.  Communication is Key and the telecoms industry knows this better than anybody.

“When your communication is important — that is, when you want it to be remembered — you need to think carefully and design it to resonate with your intended audience.” Paul Excell – BT

The 7 c’s which consist of context, i.e. is the situation fully understood, and are we asking the right questions.  Content, do you have a single definable goal.  Components, break down projects into their specifics. Cuts, remove the sections that don’t work and get to the point.  Composition, how do you want to deliver your message.  Contrast, find the differences and use it to highlight your point, change triggers the attention of others and finally consitancy, make sure your message is maintained.

“The 7 c’s can improve your communication, they  lay out a simple sequence which can help you start broadly and work your way down to specifics of a particular problem or project eventually coming up with a solution for the customer .” NGT EU committee member

It is to the benefit of every business to understand and communicate with the customer but how this happens makes the difference between a success or the miscommunication of your message.  The Roaming charges for European customers are but another example where companies did not communicate to the customer.  It seems at last lessons are being learnt.