The company’s plan to add extra charges based on how much the user downloads received a very warm welcome (if torches and pitchforks to apply as such). Extra charges per Gb proved very impopular, and yet the company keeps marching on the same road, by adding a new twist in the offer.

Time Warner Cable COO Landel Hobbs writes in a blog post:

“We are developing a "super – tier" now that allows for up to 100 GB of broadband usage per month in all of our test markets. We haven’t confirmed pricing details as of this moment, but you have my word as Chief Operating Officer of Time Warner Cable that we will make this tier available to our customers.

We’re also providing a “gas gauge” tool to our customers so they can see how much bandwidth they’re using as they go along, and to make it easier for them to move to the tiers that best serve their needs.”

First of all, the company decided to double the bandwidth for its middle-range plans, thus taking them to a current 10 GB, 20 GB, 40 GB, and 60 GB per month.

Furthermore, it appears that the super-tier mentioned by Hobbs will offer 100 GB per month for $75. Extra costs still apply and, says the company, will reach a maximum of $75. So, basically, Time Warner Cable’s all you can download buffet will cost $150, far more than users are used (or willing) to pay.

Any bets that unhappy customers will be driving next door to Verizon (a company still not monitoring just how much bandwidth uses every customer) to sing a new contract?