Some of these auctions have already reached the $1000 milestone, while most of them are still in the range of $800- $900. However, chances are that more and more will join the $1000 iPhone club.

Do keep in mind that the official retail price for the 3G iPhone is $200 for the 8GB model and $300 for the 16GB one. It seems that current shortages will drive some people to senselessly spend a lot of extra money instead of taking some time off.

Many of the iPhone owners ready to give up on their device(s) in exchange for a nice round figure appear to be first timers on eBay. Just like the guys selling their iPhones on eBay last year. Interesting enough, many of the sellers appear to have more than two dozens of such devices at their disposal, with some going for as many as 50.

It’s still unclear just how they managed to get their hands on so many devices, especially since the iPhone 3G requires the owner to register the handset with an active AT&T Wireless account during the purchase, thsu slowing down the rhythm of sales. Either they are very patient people or Apple and AT&T really need to launch an investigation.