According to a recent study conducted by Wired, the fault for the 3G iPhone’s of speed falls on local mobile companies, which lack the appropriate 3G networks. The report reads:

"In our view, this data is a strong indicator that performance of the mobile carrier’s network is affecting the iPhone 3G more than the handset itself."

"Altogether, this furthers our thesis that it’s highly unlikely that Apple is going to wave a magic wand and say, ‘3G problems, be gone,’ with a software update."

The study also points out that the European branch of T-Mobile had fastest 3G network, while the “slower than ever” award went to Australia and should be shared by local carriers Optus and Virgin.

The United Stated occupied a special position in the statistics: the most reports of “no 3G connection available”.

This is the latest study claiming to have found the cause of the 3G’s sluggishness. Previously, researchers blamed this on either Infineon’s use of bad hardware or on Apple’s rush to launch the product, leaving it unfinished in the firmware department. .