This time there were 19 universities posing as targets: Drexel University (17 pre-litigation settlement letters), Indiana University (23), Northern Illinois University (25), Occidental College (19), State University of New York at Morrisville (18), Texas Christian University (20), Tufts University (15), University of Alabama (14), University of California, Berkeley (19), University of Delaware (18), University of Georgia (13), University of Iowa (18), University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (20), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (13), University of New Hampshire (30), University of New Mexico (17), University of South Florida (43), University of Southern California (37) and Vanderbilt University (32).

As usual, RIAA expects recipients to agree and settle the case out of court at a "discounted rate," , usually in line of a few thousand dollars. However, if the RIAA gets no answer, it will take the case forward to court.

Up till now RIAA was most successful with this type of actions, and it’s likely that the new wave of threats would will also keep the cash rolling in. After all, it’s doubtful that anyone has the wish of becoming the next Jammie Thomas.

According to a Student Monitor study from 2006, around half of college students download music and movies illegally. Also, students accounted for over 1.3 billion illegal music downloads in 2006, NPD Group reported last year.