Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried said that they secured $5 million in Series A venture funding to launch the new company, which would be focused on the development of new forms of entertainment and interactive shows.

The due, also famous for the KateModern spin-off, wrote on the company blog:

“We’ve always wanted to stay independent and produce interactive shows that we could put our hearts and souls into, and sometime last fall we realized that raising money would give us the ability to remain independent and produce amazing shows on our terms.

After six months of fast food and airplane delays, we found a VC that shared our vision to build a company that would produce truly interactive shows. Many of the exciting innovations we’ve all talked about will finally come to fruition now that we have the funding to act on our shared vision. Needless to say, we’re very excited to get started.”

Is it just me or the Web nowadays is quickly turning into just a bunch of TV stations?