The search giant clearly dominates the Western mobile search market, be it the US or Europe. Furthermore, the market is getting broader and broader, as more and more people turn to mobile searching, com.Score stresses out.

Google accounts for 60 per cent of searches overall, according to the comScore report. Google sits comfortably at 63% (Yahoo is at 34.6%). The greatest rift is in the UK, where Google has around 74% market share and Yahoo is down below with only 16.2%

The report shows that, 20.8 million U.S. mobile subscribers and 4.5 million European mobile phone subscribers accessed search in June 2008. As compared to results from June 2007, this is an increase of 68 % and 38 %, respectively. The U.K. had the highest penetration of mobile subscribers using search (9.5%), followed by the U.S. (8.2%).

“It is interesting to note that as we see the number of mobile search users increase, the frequency of activity is also growing,” observed Alistair Hill, analyst, comScore. “The number of people accessing mobile search at least once a week grew 50 percent in Europe, with France and Spain leading at a rate of 69 and 63 percent, respectively. We have also seen a substantial improvement to the mobile search offerings in the U.S. market.”