Wearable devices (attached to a wrist, a belt) are currently gaining attention as a lifestyle gadget or even a well-being gadget by collecting data about the user’s health. Other features that users like are the ability to check emails and make phone calls.

The rumors could be true as Apple applied to register the term iWatch as a trademark in Japan in early 2013. What to expect

What to expect iWatch will do?

  • it will run simplified versions of existing iOS in order to keep compatibility with the iPhone or iPad or even iPod
  • it will allow users to receive and send emails or other messages, play music, view notifications like alerts or calendar reminders
  • health monitoring like pulse, blood pressure and heart rate
  • you can control your home’s internet-enabled appliances
  • will include tap-to-pay technology as apple seeks to crack into digital payments
  • use of near-field communication, or NFC

If rumors are true Apple may deliver the next star and they need it.