The first thing that baffled me is that Apple is officially entering the fashion industry. This is a heads-up on how the fashion industry will look 5 years from now – a strange melange of clothing and gadgetry, peppered with odd sensors for measuring all kind of useless stuff.

 After browsing Apple’s website for 10 minutes, in expectation of a sales pitch good enough to win me over, I had to settle for many soontocomes, such as phone calls, Siri, Maps, Voice, etc. In all honesty they do offer three things : size, messages and a digital touch.

The rest is not available, so it’s really kind of unfair to advertise, since most of the times Apple’s business plans change very suddenly. Let’s see now:

The size : Apple is advertising petiteness as a trend. It might be a trend, but it’s not solving your problems any more than a pager used to 15 years ago. Right now iWatch is nothing more than a wearable pager.

The faces : You can switch to a different watch template. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this your whole life.

The digital touch
: You can send your heart beat to "people you connect with most". This last feature made me write this article. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing Apple for proposing this and I am sure it will catch on very fast.
I know how big companies work, and I’m certain they have skilled psychologists suggesting what know what makes the buyer tick. It’s just sad and worrying to see where society and technology are going.
Instead of solving problems that affect people on a daily basis, something that IS in Apple’s power, they’ve chosen heart beat sharing between friends.