The gap between the two devices is getting shorter in Japan and PlayStation 3 is up for a real boost in the near future if Sony will manage to flood the market with attractive titles.

Until then, let’s look at the figures: Nintendo Wii prides itself with 245,653 sold units, while the PlayStation 3 just reached 81,541 units. The Xbox 360 is hardly worth mentioning, as 11,288 units is hardly something to be proud of. Then again, Japan was never a Xbox 360-friendly country.

All in all, Nintendo is still far ahead Sony by a ratio of 3 to 1, which should give the company some comfort over the coming months.

One could argue that th Wii was an early boomer and the PlayStation 3 still needs time to conquer the market and show its real power. The same theory was preached by Sony’s Kaz Hirai in an interview for the Official PlayStation Magazine (via GamesRadar)

"The power that we’ve packed into PS3 will really manifest itself in software titles that come up four, five or six years down the line."

Alright, so the PS3 will be worth getting by the time PlayStation 4 will be eager to hit the shelves. Now that’s good business! (/irony).