The company bluntly denied that it would be preparing the release of a new and enhanced DS model. According to CVG, the company stated the following:

"Nintendo has made no such announcement and will not comment on rumour and speculation."

So, is that a clear ‘no’? Not really. Nintendo might just bee looking to buy some time before they unveil the console during an event of their own. Also, it could be that Nintendo is simply looking forward to see what kind of feedback would produce the rumor about such a console.

Truth be told, the company actually go for an enhanced model. DS sales are still strong, but the company should not wait around until its console goes out of style or interest. Music playback, a camera and a strengthened Wi-Fi antenna are all interesting features that many gamers would be happy to see added to their brand new gaming device.

All in all, just keep in mind that Nintendo didn’t say: “We will NOT produce such a console”. It’s business world, so everything is possible at this point.