The test, which has been officially approved by Apple yesterday, includes various questions revolving around the same subject: “Do you intend to unlock the iPhone?”, “Have you any technical knowledge that would allow you to unlock it?”, “What’s your opinion about the two year contract?” and “Do you truly believe that unlocking software is the root of all evil?” being the highlights.

Those who fail Apple’s tests will be included on the company’s special blacklist and may encounter difficulties in purchasing other company products as well.

Industry analysts stated that such measures were to be expected sooner or later. Apple tends to act very protective when it comes to its products. As you may recall, the company recently decided that nobody can purchase more than two iPhones and, when doing so, customers must must use a credit or debit card. Cash purchases have been banned.

Do you think they’ve just gone over the edge with these new policies? Well, cam down, they’re fake. No such tests are required when buying a device. However, I don’t doubt that Apple would be happy to put them in place if the world was a much crazier mixed-up place.

The Cupertino company has turned paranoid over the unlockable iPhone issue. It seems that estimations saying that 250,000 of the 1.4 million sold devices were bought with the intention of “freeing” them from AT&T’s contract were a bit too much. But why should Apple care about what happens to its devices after they’re sold? The company got paid, the device is a success, the customer is the one to decided what to do with the phone.

Well, the issue stems from the fact that the company wasn’t paid enough. Speculation has it that Apple gets a nice revenue from the AT&T, based on every activated iPhone on its network. Needless to say, both companies will go suddenly silent if the question is brought up. Still, nobody is willing to bet against such a presumption, especially since similar deals were uncovered in Europe. UK’s O2 is said to hand over around 40% of such revenue, while in France, Orange and Apple were reported to argue about 30%. The final figure has yet to be disclosed, but the fact remains: Apple gets paid on a monthly basis.

According to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, AT&T must be paying Apple around $18 per month per activated iPhone. In two years, this adds up to $432, significantly more than the $399 the company makes. Anyway, all in all, Apple makes a hefty $831 per sold iPhone.

With 250,000 device out in the open, Apple’s losses amount to $108 million and the losses are most-likely to grow in time. Truth be told, one would begin to understand where all the paranoia comes from.