A new wave of spam emails bears the title “Your internet access is going to get suspended”. The message usually tells the recipient that such a measure is the result of illegal activities, including software or movies piracy.

To back up such claims, the sender – ICS Monitoring Team – has made sure that the recipient also gets a report on his online activities for the last six months. All he has to do is to open the user-EA49943X-activities.zip file and see for himself.

This, of couse, is just a scheme to get users to open files sent by cybercriminals.

In reality, the bogus report is nothing but a Trojan horse, identified by Sophos as either Troj/Meredrop-A or Troj/Agent-HQK (both version have been found within such emails). So if you receive such a message, do delete it. As for Internet-related questions, do try emailing or calling your Internet-company.