The topic was started on December 18. The initiator of the thread writes that while his subscription to Microsoft’s OneCare has been canceled, although the customer had recently renewed it and had no intention of giving up on the service.

The panic kept on growing when another poster announced that the Microsoft Live OneCare Customer support acknowledged that the problem and said that it was “a "Bug" in Microsoft’s system that was being worked”. The customer was told that a resolution was bound to come in the next 24 hours.

However, the staffer was not able to state whether the PC was still protected or not.

An update made today by a forum moderator seeks to calm the spirits down; their machines are still protected from malware:

Open OneCare, click on Change Settings. Click on the logging tab and click on create a support log. You will see text that indicates that your subscription is expired, but in the Grace Period.

Also, open Control Panel, and click on Windows Security Center. It will show you that the firewall and antivirus protection are enabled.”

Also, the he adds in his post that a solution for the problem was on its way:

I can’t provide any details, but I can tell you that I worked with the OneCare team last night and early this morning to test the solution. I am hopeful that it can be applied to all affected subscriptions. It appears that it will work, though it may mean you have to live in Red status until your system calendar date is 12/22/07 *and* the Billing system is updated to correct all of the affected accounts.”