Rosendale will move on the more comfortable seat of chairman of the company’s board of directors:

“Second Life is my life’s work, and I am not going anywhere! I will focus on product strategy and vision, continuing to design the right kind of company, and being an effective communicator and evangelist about Second Life. As a community member, you will probably see more of me in-world,” he wrote on the company blog.

The reason behind his decision seems to be the constant growth of the company, which requires the CEO to pay extra attention to details and new team members, something too much for a man willing to keep focused only on the big picture:

"As we grow, the role of our CEO will increasingly be to hire and grow the right team – to lead and help the company scale – to thousands of people and tens of millions of users of Second Life. I believe that we can hire a fantastic person in that role, and also give me the ability to totally focus myself on the job that I do well."

At present time there is no word on whom exactly will fill in the position of CEO of Linden.

Linden Labs was founded back in 1999.