According to Jupiter Research, cell phone owner mostly use their devices to check their email, but other online activities are still tied to their PCs. While accessing The study found out that while accessing search engines or gathering such information as the daily news are popular activities on computers, 63% of cell phone owners are not using the handheld devices for the same purposes.

On the other hand, 37 percent of cell phone owners do use such services, so lack of demand is definitely not an issue. As it follows, Jupiter Research stresses out that an alternative to current browsers might be the answer to make mobile web more user friendly:

"We’re not advocating the browser go away – just that there should be an alternative for ‘glanceable’ content – the content people need frequently," said Vice President Julie Ask, lead analyst of the report. "Consumers are willing to pay for good experiences and products. The industry should focus on this reality. "

Instead of trying to duplicate the PC experience on a smaller device, the report suggests alternatives such as widgets or applets, mini applications that would allow users to access web content much easier.

"The goal should be to engage the user through ease of operation so that accessing information in this manner will eventually become second nature," said David Schatsky, President of Jupiter Research.