While the US is sits on the top position with 28.4%, South Korea got the second place with only 5.2%. The situation can be somehow explained due to the fact that the US has much more computers than its “competitors”. However, it also implies that there are many more infected zombie computers, which hackers get to use as they please:

"This level of activity can’t be attributed solely to the slick operations of a few cash-hungry criminals," said Carole Theriault, senior security consultant at Sophos. "The problem is there are thousands of spammers using many thousands of compromised zombie computers in the US. The only way we’re going to reduce the problem is if US authorities invest a lot more in educating computer users of the dangers, while ensuring ISPs step up their monitoring efforts to identify these compromised machines as early as possible."

Researchers point out that it was high time measures were taken. While the US continue to keep up its spamming standards, other countries managed to reduce the phenomenon. The "Anti-Spam Action Plan" did the trick for Canada, the occupant of the second place back in 2004. Now the country scored a tiny 0.8% and and got off the top 12 list. The same rule applies to Spain, which was number 5 in last year’s top.

The Top 12 Spam is down below:
1 United States – 28.4%
2 South Korea – 5.2%
3 China (inc.Hong Kong)- 4.9%
4 Russia – 4.4%
5 Brazil 3.7%
6 France 3.6%
7 Germany 3.4%
8 Turkey 3.2%
9 Poland 2.7%
10 United Kingdom 2.4%
11 Romania 2.3%
12 Mexico1.9%
Others 33.9%