Officially, Facebook claims to be a "trusted environment" and threatens to quickly ban any activities that could be labeled as coming from adult sexual predators. However, that’s not the conclusion reached by investigators. They joined the social networking site posing as children and didn’t have to wait long before sexual invitation arrived in their inboxes, the New York Times reports.

As it follows, Facebook was issued a subpoena and asked to produce documentation about its security provisions and complaint resolution practices.

The attorney general hasn’t filed any charges against the company, but will likely do so if the investigation proves that Facebook has been misleading its users.

"Facebook has the right to operate any type of Web site it deems fit," wrote Cuomo in a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. "It does not have the right to represent that its site is safe and that it promptly responds to complaints when such statements are not accurate."

Facebook currently has around 42 million users.