The new interface of the service tends to resemble more to rival Google’s Gmail (or Apple’s .Mac, for that matter). As you may already know, the interface now blends both Yahoo’s most popular services – mail and instant messaging.

There’s also some icing on the cake: a free SMS service. In the beginning the new service will only be available in the United States, Canada, India and the Philippines. However, given Yahoo’s persuading talent with telecom companies, it’s most likely that the covered area will extend in the near future.

Also available only in the US, the new version is able to recognize certain types of data, which can be later used as part of actions. For instance, should an address be included in the message, Yahoo will display a map of the location.

Yahoo has been picking up pace recently and it would be most interesting to see where the new rhythm takes it. At first it was the unlimited storage for its mail service, now it’s free SMS. Any bets on what’s next on the list?