Also, as the search giant points out, the pack lost the “&Spreadsheets” from its name and will only be known as Google Docs.

Attila Bodis wrote on the Google Blog:

Starting today, presentations — whether imported from existing files or created using the new slide editor — are listed alongside documents and spreadsheets in the Google Docs document list. They can be edited, shared, and published using the familiar Google Docs interface, with several collaborators working on a slide deck simultaneously, in real time. When it’s time to present, participants can simply click a link to follow along as the presenter takes the audience through the slideshow. Participants are connected through Google Talk and can chat about the presentation as they’re watching.”

Presentations has been announced as an upcoming product since April. Hopefully, Microsoft took the announcement for serious and has been working on a plan to fight the new menace.

It’s true, Google Docs is taking its first steps now and might not look as a real alternative to the Office suite. Then again, Docs will not remain in this early stage and the future might bring some nasty changes as far as Microsoft is concerned. Also, it’s worth noting that the Redmond company proved unable to win when competing against Google.