The analyst’s remark was crystal clear: the PlayStation 3 “will kill 360 in Japan”
Patcher also adds that even Europe will remain mostly deaf to Microsoft’s cheaper song and prefer to sing along with PlayStation 3. Sony’s console is expected to outpace the Xbox 360 in  month-on-month sales and gain a significant lead: between 20-40 percent.

Finally, the 360 stands a good chance to lose the supremacy on its own turf as well. The tables have turned and Sony is picking up the lost ground.

Vdeogaming247 reports:

"In the US, I think it will be close all year, with 360 outselling PS3 most months due to its lower price points (at least as long as it remains lower priced)," said Pachter. "Sony gains a huge competitive advantage when HD monitor sales pick up at holiday, as I expect retailers to push PS3 as a Blu-ray player to anyone buying an HD monitor. By year-end, I think PS3 will outsell the 360 in the US by a little."

Will Microsoft speed up the development on Halo 4 just to save face?