"It’s a fair question given that we weren’t able to stick to our firm date the last time. We’re going to give a firm date when we are utterly convinced that we have it and that isn’t right now," said Zelnick "We know it’s highly anticipated. Right now our view is to put out a high quality title and we’re not in the business of disappointing investors."

Initially, the game was supposed to hit the stores this October. Back in August, the company announced that the plans had been changed to the more vague “first quarter of 2008”. At the time the company claimed that the delay was necessary to “ensure the quality of GTA IV”.

The recent statement mostly turns even the Q1 schedule to dust and replaces it with the Duke Nukem-ish “when it’s done”.

Zelnick wouldn’t say what were the actual reasons of the delay. With no official information to work with, we can only speculate that Take 2 is having a hard time in cooking up a bigger media scandal. After all, San Andreas became widely famous for its Hot Coffee content, Manhunt 2’s violent scenes and related actions still make the headlines, it’s only logic to assume that the next title would prove even more controversial.