The weapons in question bear a note asking players to purchase them on Xbox LIVE marketplace.

Needless to say, controversy and a bit of rage hit the fan, forcing EA to take the stand and issue an explanation. It goes like this: five of the weapons in the game will be free, while the other five will be bundled with the game’s Gold Edition.

If you insist on not buying the Gold Edition (and thus, make EA cry), you can also buy the weapons online. Furthermore, if you insist on not buying those gun either (and make EA cry some more), then assured, you won’t have anything to complain about:

All weapons are balanced for gameplay,” said an EA spokesperson in a statement. “More weapons offer players more choices but do not create an advantage/disadvantage for players who do not opt to buy new item.”

So, EA is offering a bonus that doesn’t add nothing in particular to the game? That doesn’t strike me as a promising offer. Yeah, they’re just doing that because they’re good guys and don’t want the game to be spoiled.

Whatever you thoughts may be on this matter, just keep in mind that EA is not ripping parts of the game in hope to milk gamers even more. No, they just don’t do that.