The new service, simply named The Pudding, is currently is its public beta phase and currently limited to North America.

Pudding Media’s platform marries telecommunications and advertising to benefit everyone,” says Ariel Maislos, CEO and co-founder, Pudding Media. “Consumers gain a cool new dimension to their calls with more interesting, timely information and advertising that seamlessly bridge their virtual and real-world experiences; brands reach consumers with more targeted, relevant offers; and communications providers gain a new revenue stream.”

Basically, the service will work the same way Skype does: phone calls over the Internet. The twist is, of course, the lack of monthly fees. The service will scan the user’s call for keywords and will later feed him ads based on what it picks up.

Those willing to sign up are required to share personal information, including email address, gender, age group and their language, with English, Spanish, Asian and European languages as current options.