Basically, the new technology takes advantage to the network connection built into Blu-ray players and the WiFi connection on the iPhone to create two-way communication between the devices.

"By releasing the BD Touch SDK to the iPhone developer community we’re excited to see creative possibilities for Blu-ray interactivity flourish," said Denny Breitenfeld, NetBlender CTO. "The BD Touch framework is built into our Blu-ray disc authoring solution, DoStudio, so Blu-ray authorers at every level of the industry will be able to take advantage of these exciting new applications on their discs with point and click ease."

Such a connection would allow the transfer of video, audio, text, and player commands. According to the official announcement, the following features will be made available with the technology:

– Search and e-commerce possibilities related to movie content abound when two-way communication between the iPhone and the content being displayed on a Blu-ray player is enabled
– Pushing digital copies of movies to an iPhone from the Blu-ray disc menu
– Automatically cataloguing a viewer’s Blu-ray disc collection and providing movie suggestions
– Displaying trivia and extra information about a movie in sync with the movie’s playback
– Turning existing Blu-ray discs into games that use the iPhone as the game controller