The Internet giant said that the test would be US-only and it will run for two weeks. Those using the Yahoo search engine might get the chance to see AdSense ads next to the search results. I said “might” and not “will”, because the test will be limited to 3% of overall number of searches.

Officially, the reasons behind this move is aimed at exploring „strategic alternatives to maximize stockholder value, including exploration of potential commercial business arrangements.“

However, there is also another reason. Microsoft is known to be pressing Yahoo’s board to accept the $44 billion offer the company made back in January. Now, Yahoo and Google join their forces a little bit, a move meant to slap Microsoft over its greedy corporate fingers.

It’s true, Yahoo did state that the recent pact with Google doesn’t mean that the company is to join the AdSense program for good, but the results of the test might prove to be a good argument in further rejecting Microsoft’s purchase offer.

Microsoft has been constantly losing to Google recently and now Google seems to be again one step ahead of the Windows-maker. Any bets on the outcome of this fight?