According to the preliminary results, the P2P traffic holds 50% of all Internet traffic and can go up to 90%. The researchers discovered that eDonkey has lost the title of “most popular P2P network” to BitTorrent, which currently enjoys around 50-75% of all P2P traffic.

As expected, the results may vary from region to region. eDonkey’s popularity floats between 5-50%, while DirectConnect has got a grip on around 30% of P2P traffic in the Baltic States.

Taking the analysis on the website site, the results showed the rise media streaming and one-click file hosting services, such as YouTube and Megaupload, respectively.

Low-bandwidth application Skype was found to have already reached 2% of the overall traffic, but only in certain networks.

The full results of the study will be released at the Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT (September 25-27).