Forgetting your cellphone at McDonald’s could trigger an entire chain of events if you happen to have a few nude pics with your wife stored on the device. It all started with Phillip Sherman who left his phone at a McDonald’s in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

According to a BBC report, the matter should’ve been solved after Sherman got back the device, as the McDonald’s staff had allegedly promised to secure the device until retrieved.

However, it was only the beginning. The Shermans discovered that the pics stored on the phone “somehow” managed to get posted online, along with the full name, address and telephone number of the amateur model.

The couple complains in the filing that plethora of offensive messages and calls followed, forcing them to to move to another location. Now, they are suing McDonald’s for $3 million for “emotional distress, embarrassment and damage to their reputations.” as well as for the recovery of the “cost of moving to a new home.”

Te good news so far is that the pictures have been removed from the web. As for McDonald’s, the company would not comment at this time.