The app, developed by Armin Heinrich, retailed for $999.99 and offered nothing in return. All it could do was to display a glowing gem on a black background. Apparently, one could perform some minor changes related to the appearance, but it’s still a lot less than expected from such an expensive app.

Eight people rushed to spend their money on the app before Apple could take it down. Six of the happy shoppers were from the US, one from Germany and one from France.

Thanks to them, Heinrich went away with around $5,600 in revenues and is currently very upset because his app was taken off.

Apple gave no official reason for its decision. However, it’s not hard to understand why such an app was sent to the recycle bin, given that Apple stresses put every time it can that the apps on the Store has been thoroughly checked by its employees. Apparently, this wasn’t the case with “I Am Rich”