The platform, previosuly known as Montevina, will be launched on July 14, while Centrino 2-based systems are expected to become available one month later.

According to Intel, the delay was caused by technical issues with the chipset. Also, the company encountered certification issues with the Wi-Fi wireless standard.

The delays are said to be a result of certification issues with the Wi-Fi wireless standard and technical issues with the chipset itself.

"We are taking the extra days to address two issues that require us to re-screen our chipsets with integrated graphics, and attend to some terms-and-conditions mistakes while filing and testing our wireless antennas," said Intel’ s Elvin Ong. "We are not going to ship a sub-par product."

Centrino 2 provides support for Penryn, Intel’s 45nm Core 2 processors. The platform comes packed with GMA X4500 graphics technology with HDCP support, plus the optional WiMAX.

So, Intel is out of the launch game for the time being. Will AMD know how to use the spare time in its advantage? And yes, we are thinking about their mobile platform dubbed Puma.