Blu-ray’s huge advance over its competitor is based mostly on the PlayStation 3, which comes equipped by default with a Blu-ray player. The console is, ironically, the cheapest version of a Blu-ray player, while still being the most expensive device in the gaming department.

According to industry figures released by the the Blu-ray Disc Association, the total number of Blu-ray discs produced for retail in Europe jumps beyond 21 million, if one also includes the PlayStation 3 game discs.

The Xbox 360 does feature a HD DVD player as part of its arsenal, but that’s an external device supposed to be bought separately and for a no small fee. With Xbox 360 games working great with normal DVDs, there are but a few owners that see the necessity in buying one.

All in all, it seems that the current figures just follow the trend and no changes have occurred recently. According to Home Media Research, Blu-ray titles have been constantly outselling HD-DVD ones by two-to-one in the first nine months of year.