The recent release of Grand Theft Auto IV stormed the market and drove Take Two’s share to new heights: $27.10. Unfortunately for Electronic Arts, their acquisition offer was of $26 per share. Not a very good deal when your shares are blooming, wouldn’t you say?

Take Two shareholders must be probably waiting for EA to come up with a new offer, featuring far better figures. After all, GTA IV is selling like hot cakes on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, an add-on is sure to drive the GTA IV-mania even further, so there’s really no reason at all to give in.

In the mean time, hardcore gamers and the fans of the series are still keeping their fingers crossed and hope that every new deal proposed by EA would be met with rejection.

Still, EA is known to be very stubborn and many tend to believe that the real question is : How long before Take Two shareholders say “Yes”?