Needless to say, Son has its own figures that are meant to make shareholders and consumers feel good about Blu-ray: 8.8 million Blu-ray discs sold in 2008, a significant boost as compared to 2007 sales: only 5.6 million.

On the other hand, Blu-ray was still fighting the Microsoft-backed HD DVD in 2007. The rival had  been eliminated from the market since then, but Blu-ray’s progress is minuscule.

After all, its sales figures are ridicule as compared to the 1.7 billion DVDs sold in the US every year.

The lack of  content might be one cause slowing down the adoption of the Blu-ray format, but definitely not the most important. However, the price is. Blu-ray players can be bought for an average price of $300, and Blu-ray discs aren’t cheap too.

The qextra quality brought b the Blu-ray format is too little to convince consumers to spend the extra money and upgrade their hardware and movie library. And with digital distribution knocking also on the door (and not asking for expensive hardware purchases), it seems that Blu-ray managed so far to win the crown of a kingdom that fails to attract new subjects.