It all started with one Blizzard’s post in the jobs section of its site:

Blizzard Entertainment is currently seeking a highly talented game physics/collision programmer to help breathe life and realism into our next-generation MMO technologies. This is an exciting opportunity to envision and author innovative and cutting-edge physics and collision systems for today’s most advanced technology. Interested applicants should possess superlative math skills and a discerning eye for detail.”

A topic on the subject was soon started and, after 2 pages of speculations, an official answer came from Blizzard community rep Drysc

No, it is an unannounced Next-Gen MMO. And that doesn’t mean an expansion for World of Warcraft either.

As usual, Blizzard won’t say anything more on the subject. In terms of speculation, everyone certainly has its own candidate for MMO glory. However, it would be safer to brush aside Starcraft for the time being. Starcraft II is already in the making and launching two games based on the same universe wouldn’t make much sense.

Also, there’s little chance for a new IP too, unless Blizzard has a killer project up its sleeve. At present time my bet is on a Diablo MMO (which has already been rumored several times during the last couple of years). The Diablo community has been screaming for a sequel for quite a while. And with Starcraft fans now happily waiting for a sequel, why wouldn’t Blizzard indulge the numerous and bloodthirsty Diablo fans?