The lack of user roles and departmental categories, as well as minimal records management were the main issues stated in the report. According to analyst Guy Creese, the low price and low maintenance requires by the product do not compensate for the missing features of the product:

"The product’s rudimentary feature set combined with Google’s unique company culture could spell disaster if unwisely deployed. Google has helped the industry question long-held beliefs and is contributing largely to the adoption of SaaS solutions. Unfortunately, Google can’t capitalize on these market changes because GAPE currently has weaknesses that large enterprises cannot ignore."

The study concludes that organizations would do better to wait for a while before deciding to make the switch or just look for more solid alternatives.

On the other hand, the same study admits that Google Apps is a very good solution for small businesses, as most of them only require basic features and maintenance. Furthermore, Google’s product is easy to use, requiring minimal training and doesn’t require software installation and user licenses.

So, Google Apps is not ready for the corporate world. Then again, Google is unlikely to have thought the product was ready in the first place. The project is just starting and, as every project, it needs time to grow. It would be interesting what would a future report have to say in a year or two. Given Google’s history, most chances are that the conclusion will be significantly different.