The latest Storm-related attack was launched on Monday and reports indicate it was in preparation for the past 24 hours or so, says Jose Nazario, senior security engineer at Arbor Networks.

As always, the spammers try to lure their victims into downloading and installing malware with the help of bogus e-cards.

At first, the users are told that they’ve just received an April Fools’ greeting card and they need to click the link in order to see it. If the users fall for the scam, they will be redirected to an all-numeric URL and a page which will try to automatically download an executable file.

The file in question is 100% malware and will provide the infected machine with a visa for the Storm botnet.

In the end, out advice remains the same: beware of emails from unknown senders and don’t rush to click on shady links. Also, it would be advisable to contact your sender and make sure that it is him or her that sent you the link.