The malware, named Troj/MacSwp-B or Imunizator) works on a now-classic scheme First, it will present the user a message claiming that privacy issues have been discovered on the computer. Second, that there’s a software willing to make all the trouble go away and restore things back to normal.

"MacSwp-B’s discovery does follow fast on the heels of other malware that has been identified on the Mac OS X platform in recent months," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos.

"Cybercrime against Mac users may be small in comparison to Windows attacks, but it is growing. Apple Macintosh users need to learn from the mistakes made by their Windows cousins in the past and ensure that they have defenses in place, are up-to-date with patches and exercise caution about what they run on their computer," he added.

Looks like Mac users are getting to be more appealing to hackers and malware writers. Given that Mac haven’t been a significant target up till now, cybercrooks might be inclined to think they’re dealing with easy and more unexperienced prey.