The Opera 9.64 update comes packed with a plethora of fixes and improvements. The one that stands out is the patching of an issue that previously allowed specially crafted JPEG images to cause Opera to corrupt memory and crash. Successful exploitation can lead to execution of arbitrary code on unpatched browsers.

Another fix on Opera’s list is an issue where plug-ins could be used to allow cross domain scripting. The company announced that details would be disclosed at a later date.

Additional fixes and additions include:

– Added version conditional fetching of certificate dependencies from an online repository
– Fixed a problem downloading the CRL (Certificate Revocation List)
– Fixed a problem that could cause SSL to deadlock in one state, hanging the connection
– Prevented security information documents from being written to disk
– Fixed a problem which created separate feed notifications; Opera now groups them together
– Fixed a problem with inline find when no content was entered and the Enter key was pressed
– Implemented opacity on text styled with hexidecimal color codes
– Installing an external source viewer no longer requires an Opera restart