What’s more, it seems that IDS/IPS fail to capture 20% to 70% of new threats, including targeted attacks and common Trojan attacks, reads a report from security company Damballa. The firm goes further and claims that the typical gap between malware release and detection/remediation using antivirus is 54 days

“In the battle between malware and security technologies, yesterday’s signature-based solutions have lost” said Bill Guerry, VP of Product Management and Marketing for Damballa. “For 54 days not only can enterprises who rely on AV not find compromised hosts, but even if they somehow discovered a system was compromised, they would not be able to remediate it.”

Damballa’s study included over 200,000 malware samples scanned by a leading industry antivirus tool over six months.

In addition, the study also unveiled that almost half of the 200,000 malware samples were not detected on the day they were received and that around 15% of the samples remained undetected after 180 days.