Cybercrooks unleashed a campaign with more than 1 million link pointing to the car manufacturer. They hope that the numerous links would eventually mislead search engine to consider their bogus pages as being more relevant than genuine ones and thus, promote them among the first search results.

And that’s just the first stage of the scheme. Once the user arrives on such a bogus page, he or she will be prompted to install a so-called software, presented under the name of MS AntiSpyware 2009 (softwarefortubeview.40030.exe).

Needless to say, the MS AntiSpyware 2009 is actually pure and genuine adware. Furthermore, the malware will keep telling the user that the system has been infected by various malware and tha t he or she needs to purchase the full version of MS AntiSpyware 2009 in order to clean the machine.

The naïve user will then be taken to a bogus page where he is expected to provide personal details, as well as a credit card number. There is no page where to user must act surprised when the bank announce that his bank account has been cleaned up, but we guess he will managed to act accordingly anyway.

All in all, do keep in mind that such “offers” are not to be trusted. So the next time one site offers to install something on your computer, just close the window.