In addition, the company also introduced Brightmail IQ Services, a free online resource intended to provide real-time insights into the latest spam trends, threats and senders.

Brightmail Gateway 8.0 features Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Integration, which expands data loss prevention capabilities seamlessly across endpoint, network and storage systems, as well as FastPass (allows email from known good senders to bypass spam scans entirely, delivering legitimate email without delay while enhancing overall scalability and throughput) and Expanded Support for Virtual Appliances (which allows customers to adaptively provision messaging security resources to respond to spam attacks and periodic threat waves while maximizing utilization of IT resources).

In addition, version 8.0 adds support for VMware ESXi, in addition to VMware ESX, as well as support for mixed physical and virtual deployments.

Brightmail IQ Services is a free resource available to the public that combines information from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network with comprehensive analysis by Symantec Security. It packs together additional resources for users such as a sender IP address lookup, blog posts from the Brightmail operations team, and links to discussion forums and research reports including the monthly State of Spam Report.