It all starts will drivers getting back to their cars and finding yellow fliers reading the following:

“PARKING VIOLATION This vehicle is in violation of standard parking regulations. To view pictures with information about your parking preferences, go to website…”

Should they decide to access the indicated website, they would first see a bunch of photos featuring cars parked in the same spot as theirs. But, and this is where it gets interesting, all the license plates have been digitally removed and visitors are asked to download and install what is seems to be a genuine toolbar. Needless to say, it’s just a genuine Trojan. And then the story goes down to an all-too familiar trail:

“The initial program installed itself as a browser helper object (BHO) for Internet Exploter that downloaded a component from and attempted to trick the victim into installing a fake anti-virus scanner from bestantispyware and protectionsoft,” writes Sans Institute’s Lenny Zeltser.

So there you have: enxt time you get a so-called parking ticket just contact the local Police office and a trusty anti-virus developer.